Clinical Sciences Core


Babafemi O. Taiwo, MBBS, Northwestern University
Clinical Sciences Core Director

David Pitrak, MD, The University of Chicago
Clinical Sciences Core Co-Director

Ellen Gould Chadwick, MD, Lurie Children’s Hospital
Clinical Sciences Core Co-Director


Internal Advisory Committee

Julian Solway, MD, The University of Chicago
John P. Phair, MD, Northwestern University


Scientific Agenda

The mission of the Clinical Science Core (CSC) is to facilitate and enhance patient-oriented clinical and translational HIV research in the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research.

Services and Resources

Studies Open to Enrollment

The Clinical Sciences Core maintains a list of actively enrolling trials at Third Coast CFAR partners throughout the Chicagoland area. Medical providers, patients, and investigators are encouraged to contact study staff directly in order to learn more about these important trials.

Biological Specimen Repository

The CSC includes plans for building mechanisms for archiving biological samples from Third Coast CFAR studies and efficiently matching investigators with existing biological samples. Support includes identifying useful specimens as well as guiding users through the regulatory processes associated with each cohort. See the HIV Cohort Catalog for more information on the participating projects.

Research Design and Protocol Development

CSC Investigators will provide critical review of study designs and data analysis plans, as well as expert advice during research implementation, manuscript preparation and grant applications.

Biostatistical Consultation and Data Analysis

The Third Coast CFAR offers a breadth of doctoral and masters level statistical services. Consultation during the application phase is encouraged and may be offered at reduced rates. A budget for these core services may be built into NIH grants. Discuss your needs by reaching out to a CFAR research navigator Services include:

    • Power analysis
    • Methodology and experimental design
    • Survey construction
    • Traditional statistical modeling (e.g., ANOVA, regression, or survival analysis)
    • Latent variable modeling
    • Network Analysis
    • Geographic information systems and geospatial analysis

Core staff can also connect users to other resources for electronic data capture and data management at both Northwestern or the University of Chicago.

Subject Recruitment

Through systems connected to the Electronic Medical Record data at CFAR institutions, the CSC offers recruitment services that are tailored to clinical and translational research. The core also facilitates partnerships with community groups where CFAR faculty can promote their projects to external colleagues. In conjunction with the Behavioral, Social, and Implementation Sciences (BSIS) core, the CSC also connects faculty to CHAMP, the CFAR’s participant registry, which collects contact information, demographics, and HIV testing frequency and results.