Developmental Core


John Schneider, MD, MPH, The University of Chicago
Developmental Core Director

Richard D’Aquila, MD, Northwestern University
CFAR Director

Internal Advisory Committee

Robert Garofalo, MD, Lurie Children’s Hospital
Julian Solway, MD, The University of Chicago
Eva Gottwein, PhD, Northwestern University

Scientific Agenda

The mission of the Developmental Core is to further the research priorities of the Third Coast CFAR by soliciting and funding Developmental Core awards, providing strong mentorship for junior faculty and other trainees, and strengthening the capacity for HIV research in community settings.

Services and Resources

Developmental Core Awards

Targeted to new investigators and those new to HIV research as well as community partners, Development Core Awards will include pilot/transdisciplinary awards, core subsidy awards, and two types of community awards. The funding program will also encourage interdisciplinary collaborations between Chicago researchers and innovative studies of any aspect of HIV infection. For more information on these awards visit Funding.


Formal and informal mechanisms of mentorship of junior faculty are at the core of research development. Developmental Core leaders will catalyze a working group of senior Third Coast CFAR members who will individually mentor junior faculty in a number of areas, including on Developmental Core award submissions and grant “mock review.”

Community-Based Funding

Developing new ideas in collaboration with community strengthens research relevance and increases opportunity to have impactful implementation. The Developmental Core will fund two main categories of competitive awards for community-based research: (1) community collaborative pilot awards to support innovative, partnered research with community organizations and (2) community mini-awards to community-based organizations planning a partnership or disseminating CFAR research. For more information on these awards, visit the funding section of the CFAR website.