Community Collaborative Awards

These awards support innovative HIV research collaborations between community organizations and Third Coast CFAR faculty members. Please contact a CFAR administrator if you are interested in being paired with either a community organization or Third Coast CFAR faculty member. View previously funded Community Collaborative Awards.


  • Third Coast CFAR affiliate member from a community organization and Third Coast CFAR faculty member must serve as Co-Principal Investigators


  • One-year award
  • Up to $10,000 per year
  • Annual submission cycle

Examples of project activities:

  • Convening and facilitating community research forums or focus groups
  • Developing strategic plans to address gaps in public health programs
  • Enhancing research infrastructure at community organizations and universities
  • Creating materials to improve university partner’s ability to conduct community-engaged research
  • Monthly meetings between the community and academic Co-Principal Investigators
  • Seeking funding opportunities and writing grants to extend the partnership

Common expenses include:

  • Salary support for community and academic Co-PIs, salary support for staff
  • Recruitment and data collection materials (e.g. flyers, printed surveys)
  • Stipends for Community Advisory Board members
  • Consultants to provide SWOT analyses for the collaboration and its research goals
  • Technical assistant to develop MOUs and support compliance with applicable regulations
  • Participant incentives for study visits, interviews, and focus groups
  • Travel and meeting expenses

Application Process

  • RFA and application instructions are posted here