Community Collaborative Awards

These awards support innovative HIV research collaborations between community organizations and Third Coast CFAR faculty members. Please contact a CFAR administrator if you are interested in being paired with either a community organization or Third Coast CFAR faculty member. View previously funded Community Collaborative Awards.


  • Third Coast CFAR affiliate member from a community organization and Third Coast CFAR faculty member must serve as Co-Principal Investigators


  • One-year award
  • Up to $10,000 per year
  • Annual submission cycle

Examples of project activities:

  • Convening and facilitating community research forums or focus groups
  • Developing strategic plans to address gaps in public health programs
  • Enhancing research infrastructure at community organizations and universities
  • Creating materials to improve university partner’s ability to conduct community-engaged research
  • Monthly meetings between the community and academic Co-Principal Investigators
  • Seeking funding opportunities and writing grants to extend the partnership

Common expenses include:

  • Salary support for community and academic Co-PIs, salary support for staff
  • Recruitment and data collection materials (e.g. flyers, printed surveys)
  • Stipends for Community Advisory Board members
  • Consultants to provide SWOT analyses for the collaboration and its research goals
  • Technical assistant to develop MOUs and support compliance with applicable regulations
  • Participant incentives for study visits, interviews, and focus groups
  • Travel and meeting expenses

Application Process

  • RFA and application instructions are posted here

Developmental Core

John Schneider, MD, MPH, The University of Chicago
Developmental Core Director

Jenny Trinitapoli, PhD, The University of Chicago
Developmental Core Associate Director

Richard D’Aquila, MD, Northwestern University
CFAR Director

To request information about Developmental Core awards and services, contact Justin Schmandt.