Research Navigation

The CFAR’s scientific cores provide customized services to meet the needs of CFAR members. A CFAR research navigator will work with faculty to tailor or develop services the CFAR will provide directly.

In some cases, referral to an existing, non-CFAR core with specialized expertise is more efficient or practical than developing a new service within the CFAR’s scientific cores. Northwestern University operates more than 55 core facilities, with expertise across disciplines. The University of Chicago, in conjunction with Argonne National Laboratory, operates more than 60 core facilities, also with distinct scientific expertise that might facilitate or enhance HIV research. Core facilities are accessible to CFAR faculty from both Northwestern and the University of Chicago through the Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC).

CFAR members do not pay F&A fees for services at any CBC institution, including the University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. CFAR research navigators and investigators from each of the scientific cores are well-connected to the CBC and can facilitate referrals to non-CFAR resources and services most relevant to CFAR members.

Request Research Navigation

To request navigation to CFAR or non-HIV core services and resources at Northwestern University or University of Chicago / Argonne National Laboratory, contact Justin Schmandt.