Northwestern University was chartered in 1851, and its growth has paralleled the dynamic rise of metropolitan Chicago. Northwestern has two campuses participating in the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research, a campus in Evanston, Illinois, just north of Chicago, and a second located in downtown Chicago, which is where all Cores and most activities are based.

Northwestern is one of the United States’ leading private research universities, with an annual budget of more than $1.6 billion and more than $500 million in sponsored research. With university-wide multidisciplinary research programs, trainees at Northwestern have access to research resources across the entire university, including 26 university research centers, more than 90 school-based centers, and three research centers at medical affiliates.

Feinberg School of Medicine (FSM), where the CFAR is housed, is located adjacent to the buildings of Northwestern Memorial Hospital and aligned with Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, recently integrated as an academic medical center, Northwestern Medicine. In total, over 30 centers and institutes support basic science and clinical research at FSM. Key participants in the CFAR include:

Division of Infectious Diseases, Drucker Laboratory for Infectious Disease Research

IMPACT LGBT Health and Development Program

Department of Medical Social Sciences

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Hope HIV Laboratory