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The Third Coast CFAR’s Scientific Cores provide services to enhance ongoing HIV research and to support the development of new grant applications. Visit each core’s page for a detailed description of its services. Initial consultation is offered free of charge. A research navigator will help CFAR users identify funding for core services, when applicable.

Behavioral, Social, and Implementation Sciences (BSIS) Core

  • Biostatistical consultation and analysis ($146.67 per hour)
  • Data analysis ($116.45 per hour)
  • Implementation science training and consultation
  • Custom maps with Geographic Information Systems – GIS ($116.45 per hour)
  • Participant recruitment strategies
  • Selection or development of social, behavioral, and person-reported outcomes measures

The Third Coast CFAR’s new voucher program was developed to support HIV research through use of services offered by the BSIS Core’s Biostatistics and Computational Resources Team (BCRT).

Viral Pathogenesis Core

  • Custom assays for pro-inflammatory biomarkers
  • Access to laboratory infrastructure, including BSL2+ facility and OMX microscopic imaging
  • Development of study-specific experimentation methods
  • HIV technician services ($64.93 per hour)
  • Consultation in referral to specialized facilities for -omics research
  • p24 Assays (highly sensitive $12.59 per well; lower sensitivity $5.17 per well)

Clinical Sciences Core

  • Consultation for clinical research operations and project development
  • IRB and regulatory consultation and navigation
  • Clinic and provider-based study participant recruitment
  • Procurement and processing of biological specimens, including mucosal cells and tissue, and access to banked plasma and cryopreserved cells
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data customized for HIV research
  • Biostatistical consultation and analysis ($146.67 per hour)
  • Data analysis ($116.45 per hour)

Request a Service

Subsidy awards and vouchers from the Developmental Core are available to support faculty interested in purchasing core services.

Prices listed are available to Third Coast CFAR members and investigators at other institutions in the Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC). Please note that federally-negotiated Facilities and Administration (F&A) rates apply to pricing for faculty outside of the CBC.