Community Dissemination Awards

Funding Opportunity Description

The Third Coast CFAR supports dissemination of HIV research and engagement between community members and investigators through Community Dissemination Awards. Applicants often propose integrating opportunities for engagement through Third Coast CFAR participation in events that include space for co-sponsors. Other creative mechanisms that promote research dissemination or foster engagement between community members, community organizations, and faculty are welcome and encouraged. View ideas for community engagement activities at Third Coast CFAR-supported events.

We are no longer taking applications for summer 2024. The application form will be live again later in 2024. If you have any questions about the Community Dissemination Awards, please contact Jessi Dehlin:

See previously funded Community Dissemination Awards.

Funds Available and Duration of Support

Community Dissemination Awards can support a one-time activity or ongoing program of engagement within a one-year period. Awards are limited to $2,000.


Community organizations providing HIV services in the Chicagoland area are eligible for these funds. Applicants are invited to register for free CFAR membership before submitting a proposal.

Application and Payment Process

Applicants are encouraged to contact Justin Schmandt prior to submission of a proposal. He will connect applicants to Third Coast CFAR faculty or staff who may participate in the event and advise on project and budget development. Please note that applicants must submit their full proposal at least 30 days before the event so there’s adequate time to plan Third Coast CFAR involvement and for the review process.

  • A brief, one-page application is due at least 30 days before activities will begin.
  • Third Coast CFAR faculty and community leadership will review the application within two weeks of receipt.
  • Payment of the award will be made by the Third Coast CFAR after receipt of the post-event report.

Developmental Core

Jenny Trinitapoli, PhD, The University of Chicago
Developmental Core Director

Kathryn Macapagal, PhD, Northwestern University
Developmental Core Co-Director

Elena Martinelli, PhD, Northwestern University
Developmental Core Co-Director

Justin Schmandt, MPH, Northwestern University
CFAR Associate Director

To request information about Developmental Core awards and services, contact Justin Schmandt.