CFAR Staff

Based at both Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, Third Coast CFAR staff members work with core leaders to further the center’s mission. Staff support collaborations across the Third Coast CFAR partner organizations, provide core services, and administer the center’s broad portfolio of programs and activities. Contact us at

Justin Schmandt, MPH
Associate Director

Ellen Almirol
Ellen Almirol, MPH, MAMS
Amanda Carey
Amanda Carey
Laboratory Technologist
Dana Kauffman
Dana Kauffman, MPS
Communications Coordinator
Jessi Dehlin
Jessi Dehlin, LCSW
University of Chicago Administrator

Angel Avina
Angel Aviña, MS, MPH
Core Manager
Jill Dispenza
Jill Dispenza
Director of Community Engagement
Siobhan Kenny
Siobhan Kenny, MBA
Associate Research Administrator
Rebecca Eavou
Rebecca Eavou, LCSW
University of Chicago Administrator

Baiba Berzins
Baiba Berzins, MPH
Clinical Sciences Core Manager 
Christina Hayford
Christina Hayford, MS, MSP
Senior Research Data Analyst
Mike Mcraven
Mike McRaven, MSL
Senior Laboratory Manager
Christy Allen
Christy Allen
Senior Research Administrator

Patricia Braboy
Patricia Braboy, BS
Community Engagement Coordinator
Hannah Hudson
Hannah Hudson 
Senior Laboratory Technologist
Susheel Reddy
Susheel Reddy, MPH