Inter-CFAR Implementation Science Working Group

The purpose of the Inter-CFAR Implementation Science Working Group (CFAR-ISWG) is to provide ongoing support and guidance to CFAR-affiliated researchers interested in the effective integration of HIV-related implementation science methods, measures, and strategic partnerships into their work. The CFAR-ISWG was formed in 2018 under the leadership of the Third Coast and Johns Hopkins CFARs and in partnership with CFARs across the country. 

The overarching goal of the CFAR-ISWG is to improve the quality and quantity of implementation research methods being used as we seek to achieve a future without HIV. To achieve this, CFAR-ISWG aims to increase understanding of how current implementation models may be adapted and how to best deliver effective interventions in diverse community and organizational settings serving those in greatest need. In addition to prioritizing resources made available by the NIAID and NIMH-funded HIV Implementation Science Coordination Initiative and associated hubs, the CFAR-ISWG seeks to:

  • Foster collaborations across CFARs that facilitate the development of methodologically strong and cost-effective HIV-related implementation science studies.
  • Synthesize the state of the art for implementation research methods and prioritize questions in HIV-related implementation science.
  • Identify challenges and potential solutions to conducting HIV-related implementation science research in academic- practice collaborations to address local needs and create generalizable knowledge.
  • Facilitate and disseminate HIV-related implementation science studies via an up-to-date list of implementation science trainings and speakers that can support education through conferences, workshops, and a newsletter.
  • Foster collaborations between CFARs and implementation partners to expand implementation research and facilitate multi-site implementation research.

The CFAR-ISWG is one of 17 Inter-CFAR collaborations associated with the national CFAR program.

For more information, please contact the CFAR-ISWG Co-Chairs: Brian Mustanski, Nanette Benbow, and Stefan Baral.