Howard Brown Health (HBH) has released the findings from the Bi+ Health research regarding the care that Bi+ patience receive. This work was led by Laura Rusie and Lauren Beach for the Project Bi+Health–Invisible and Underserved Improving the Health System’s Surveillance of HIV-Related Health Outcomes of Bisexual Patient Populations to End the HIV Epidemic in Chicago. The project found that Bi people living with HIV are less likely to be virally suppressed than people of other sexual orientations, are overall are less likely to initiate PrEP than gay people, and that the fear of Bi+ stereotyping by providers still holds true for some of the community.

This research by Laura Rusie, ScM and Lauren Beach, JD/PhD, was one of six EHE Planning Awards funded by the CFAR in 2019 in response to the federal EHE initiative.

View the infographic HBH’s communications team created to disseminate results from the project.