BCRT Services Voucher Program

The Third Coast CFAR has developed a new voucher program to support HIV research through use of services offered by the BSIS Core’s Biostatistics and Computational Resources Team (BCRT). PI-eligible investigators at Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and Lurie Children’s Hospital may request up to 20 hours of biostatistical or analytic services free of charge.

The program will prioritize requests that can be completed in the next several months and that support any of the following:

  • An HIV application, resubmission, or renewal to the NIH
  • Peer-reviewed publications on important HIV topics
  • A current NIH grant for HIV research at a Third Coast CFAR institution   


Data Analysis

  • Survey development or programming
  • Data management
  • Public health data navigation and analysis
  • Secondary source data analysis (e.g., Census, ACS, etc.)

Biostatistical Services

  • Pilot data review
  • Survey methodological review
  • Observational/clinical trial study design
  • Sample size/power calculation
  • Randomization plan
  • Grant application/review
  • Descriptive analyses/summary statistics
  • Inferential analyses (univariate analyses, multivariable analyses/ statistical modeling)

Geospatial Services

  • Geocoding
  • Static Maps (GIS)
  • GIS analyses (cluster analysis, hot spot analysis)
  • Interactive maps for public use

Request Process and Timeline

Request Process

A brief BCRT voucher request form must be submitted.


No applications are being accepted at this time. We will reopen the program to applications on a rolling basis later in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are supplemental documents allowed? No, supplemental documents are not allowed. 

I have previously been awarded funds by the Third Coast CFAR. Am I still eligible to receive this voucher? Yes, previous Third Coast CFAR awardees are eligible to receive this service voucher. 

Can vouchers be distributed prior to IRB approval? No, vouchers cannot be distributed until IRB approval is confirmed. 

Do I need to be a Third Coast CFAR faculty member to request a voucher? Yes, all Investigators must be Third Coast CFAR faculty members to request a voucher. To become a member, please complete the Membership Form

Contact Us

For information regarding the BCRT voucher program, please contact Christina Hayford or Susheel Reddy

Developmental Core

Jenny Trinitapoli, PhD, The University of Chicago
Developmental Core Director

Richard D’Aquila, MD, Northwestern University
Developmental Core Co-Director

Justin Schmandt, MPH, Northwestern University
CFAR Associate Director

To request information about Developmental Core awards and services, contact Justin Schmandt.