Third Coast Center for AIDS Research offers a breadth of services through Scientific Cores related to proposal development, participant recruitment, laboratory and specimen access, data analysis, and consultations:

Behavioral, Social, and Implementation Sciences (BSIS) Core
Custom maps with Geographic Information Systems – GIS ($60 per hour) 
Biostatistical consultation and data analysis  ($60 per hour)
Research participant registry
Implementation Science training and consultation

Viral Pathogenesis Core
p24 Assays (highly sensitive $7.90 per well; lower sensitivity $3.85 per well)
Consultation to develop custom assays  ($70 per hour)
Training in world class imaging facility
Access to laboratory infrastructure, including BSL2+ facility

Clinical Sciences Core
Research design and protocol development
Biostatistical support and data analysis  ($60 per hour)
Procurement of biological specimens

Subsidy awards from the Developmental Core are available to support faculty interested in purchasing core services. Please note your interest in a core subsidy award when you request a service.

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