The Third Coast Center CFAR has selected four Developmental Core awards and projects to receive additional funds because their research was adversely impacted by COVID-19. This one-time competition is part of the CFAR’s commitment to supporting investigators pursuing HIV research grants from the NIH.

CFAR Pilot Awards:

Patient Outcome Reporting for Timely Assessments of Life with HIV and Anxiety Disorders (PORTAL HIV-A)
Neda Laiteerapong, MD, MS, University of Chicago

Development of an experimental system to study the role of HIV-1 recombination in the maintenance and rebound of the tissue reservoir
Ramon Lorenzo-Redondo, PhD, Northwestern University

CFAR EHE Supplement Project:

Adaptation of a Social Marketing Campaign to Promote PrEP Awareness Among Adolescents in Cook County, IL
Kathryn Macapagal, PhD, Northwestern University
Jim Pickett, AIDS Foundation of Chicago

CFAR Collaborative Innovation Award:

Pilot Top-Down Proteomics Analysis of Mutant APOBEC3Bs from a Rapidly Progressive Cancer
Chisu Song, PhD, Northwestern University