The Third Coast CFAR is pleased to announce the formation of a new Inter-CFAR Working GroupThe Inter-CFAR Substance Use Research Community (I-SURC).

The I-SURC’s mission is to identify and bring together CFAR substance use researchers who can complement expertise and perspectives, share resources, increase efficiencies, and share cutting-edge technologies across the nation. The I-SURC provides the platform for substance use researchers within CFARs nationwide to foster the exchange of ideas and develop collaborations, share information and training, and disseminate progress planned and achieved at the intersection of HIV and substance use research. The I-SURC adopts an expansive view of substance use to include alcohol and tobacco, given these substances’ profound impact on morbidity and mortality among people living with HIV.

Membership is available to all investigators at CFAR institutions. Members of the I-SURC are able to participate in symposia, access collaborators and cohorts within the network, participate in external reviews for developmental proposals, and pursue collaborative initiatives with other members of the working group.

Use this Google Form to register as an I-SURC member and sign up for the mailing list.  

Dr. Brian Hitsman, associate professor of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University, serves on the I-SURC Steering Committee.