PCHPI Collaboration Development Pilot Program – Request for Applications

Application Deadline: Sunday January 12, 2020

Download RFA (PDF)

The Pittsburgh Center for HIV Protein Interactions (PCHPI; http://www.hivppi.pitt.edu/) is seeking collaborators with a goal toward understanding HIV infection through characterization of HIV-host cell protein interactions and complexes at a molecular level. We are particularly interested in infection events that occur after virus-cell membrane fusion through to genome integration (intracellular trafficking, uncoating, restriction, reverse transcription, nuclear import, etc). We invite qualified individuals to propose collaborative research projects.

Interested investigators should submit an application as outlined below. Inclusion of a plan of collaboration, that incorporates specific PCHPI cores or methodological expertise, will be viewed favorably. Individuals are strongly encouraged to contact PCHPI members to discuss potential collaborative projects before applying.

Total Award (Direct + Indirect costs): $160,000 per year for one or two years. Funding for a second year will be considered, contingent on engagement and progress in the first year.

Eligible Investigators: Faculty at the level of Assistant Professor or higher. Strong preference will be given to junior investigators (Assistant Professors) and individuals who have not worked on HIV-1 previously. Faculty with more than $500,000 in annual direct cost funding will not be eligible.

Application Deadline: Midnight (EST), Sunday January 12, 2020. Required Components for the Application (in indicated order):

PCHPI Face Page (with all fields completed – contact Teresa Brosenitsch, tab24@pitt.edu, to obtain this form) Detailed Budget and Budget Justification (awards are for a maximum of two years, earliest start date March 1 2020) NIH Biosketch (5 page maximum)
Proposal Text (sections A – D, 5 pages total)

A. Specific Aim(s)
B. Background
C. Preliminary Data
D. Research Design and Methods
E. Timeline and Specific Milestone(s) (Not to exceed one page) F. References Cited

Format: Single spaced, 1/2 inch margins, Arial typeface, and a font size of 11 points or larger.
Submission: All proposals should be submitted electronically, as a PDF file, to Dr. Teresa Brosenitsch, PCHPI coordinator, at tab24@pitt.edu.
Questions: Questions about the application and review processes should be directed to Dr. Teresa Brosenitsch at ab24@pitt.edu or 412-648-8968.
For information about specific cores or resources, please review the PCHPI website at http://www.hivppi.pitt.edu/ where additional contact information for the center and core directors is available.

Funded Individuals:

All funded investigators will be required to follow all NIH regulations/requirements, including those related to animal use, human subjects, and recombinant DNA. In addition, participation in PCHPI activities, including web-based monthly executive committee meetings and face-to-face annual symposia, is required.