The Department of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University has an R25 grant through the NIH/NIMH (R25MH080661) to conduct a NeuroHIV online course called Translational Research in NeuroHIV and Mental Health (TRNAMH). It is open to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty located inside or outside of the USA – especially those from underrepresented minority backgrounds (URM’s) or those who do research in diversity-related issues pertaining to HIV/AIDS. The grant pays for all of the fees associated with this online course (auditing is free).

The program also offers pilot awards up to $20,000 on a competitive basis annually as long as the applicant has taken the course. Additionally, applicants will be eligible for the research scholar component, which supports promising HIV/AIDS researchers with hands-on mentorship opportunities with experts in the field. The next course begins Tuesday, August 27 so please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested in taking the course.

View Flyer.

Visit the TRNAMH website for more information.