CFAR investigators interested in the interface of TB and HIV have come together to form a national working group, with the goal of stimulating inter-CFAR collaborations on this critical coinfection. The working group is organized around 4 smaller interest groups: molecular pathogenesis of TB/HIV coinfection; immunopathogenesis of coinfection; diagnosis of TB in HIV infected children and adults; and treatment, clinical trials and implementation science. 

The Inter-CFAR HIV/TB Working Group plans to host bimonthly webinars with a format of 40 minutes for a scientific presentation and 20 minutes for questions and discussion.  

The Working Group’s first webinar is archived: 

Contact tracing versus facility-based screening for active TB case finding in rural South Africa: A behind-the-scenes look at a pragmatic cluster-randomized trial (Kharitode TB) 
David Dowdy, MD 
Johns Hopkins CFAR 

Contact for the Inter-CFAR HIV/TB Working Group: 
Gregory P. Bisson, MD, MSCE