With support from a CFAR administrative supplement, the Viral Pathogenesis Core now provides services to measure biomarkers of stress, inflammation, and immune activation. The MESO QuickPlex SQ 120 imager makes these analyses more efficient and more affordable for Third Coast CFAR members. Increasingly, observing changes in cytokines and biomarkers such as C-reactive protein and IL-6 are important outcomes in social and behavioral HIV research. The principal investigators of four NIDA and NIMH-funded studies have already worked with the VP Core to develop custom assays for their projects.

This instrument is also a vital tool for translational and biomedical researchers. Multiple NIH-sponsored studies associated with the Third Coast CFAR plan to use the equipment for a broad range of tests. These studies’ aims include examining HIV’s penetration of epithelial barriers during sexual transmission and more closely examining molecular mechanisms of action during immune activation in order to develop therapies that will deliver a functional cure for HIV. Services using the MESO QuickPlex sequencer are available on a fee-for-service basis. Initial consultation is free. Contact a CFAR administrator to learn more cfar@northwestern.edu.

Thomas Hope, PhD
Director, Viral Pathogenesis Core
Third Coast Center for AIDS Research
Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology
Northwestern University