Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has recognized several Third Coast CFAR faculty in the Division of Infectious Diseases for their cutting-edge research. As chief of Infectious Diseases, Babafemi Taiwo, MBBS, Third Coast CFAR Clinical Sciences Core Director, encourages collaborative work to translate novel findings into new approaches for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment globally.

Highlighted Third Coast CFAR faculty include Eun-Young Kim, PhD, for her dedication to identifying host gene variations that influence susceptibility to infections like HIV; Claudia Hawkins, MD, and her investigation into the relationship between HIV and viral hepatitis B and C, especially through epidemiologic studies in Tanzania and Nigeria; and Matthew Feinstein, MD who researches cardiovascular complications of HIV infection.

Taiwo notes that investigations into HIV treatment and antimicrobial resistance will remain a central focus in coming years for the Division of Infectious Diseases, but that research into dengue, Zika, and infections that surround transplantation will also become priorities as well.

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