John Schneider, MD, MPH

Headshot of Dr. Rich D'Aquila

Richard D’Aquila, MD

Nanette Benbow, MAS







John Schneider, Director of the CFAR Developmental Core, has been awarded an R01 from NIAID for the project Next-Generation Phylodynamics-Targeted Partner Service Models for Combined HIV Prevention (P2M). This multi-PI grant includes Nanette Benbow, Director of the CFAR’s Scientific Working Group and CFAR Director Richard D’Aquila. P2M seeks to use Phylodynamics-targeted Partner service Models to further develop public health implementation of molecular HIV surveillance (MHS) based prevention interventions as a critical step towards HIV elimination.

This 5-year project builds upon the CDC’s 2017 recommendations of the HIV Cluster Guidance Working Group on health department implementation of MHS with clinical HIV resistance genotypes. Drawing on each PI’s scientific expertise, P2M will establish a framework in which network models can explore simulated HIV prevention interventions using MHS and research data from multiple cohort studies. Results from P2M will guide plans for future proof-of-concept trials on interventions that will more effectively curb HIV transmission.