Deadlines and Other Important Dates

Registration Deadline: Friday, April 6, 2018, 12:00 PM Eastern Time – REQUIRED

  • Applicants will receive portal user name/password, URL to start their LOI, LOI instructions and templates within one business day following registration.
  • Note that the amfAR office will be closed on Friday, December 22, 2017; Monday, December 25, 2017; Friday, December 29, 2017; Monday, January 1, 2018; Monday, January 15, 2018; and Monday, February 19, 2018. Materials will be sent on the first business day following those closures.

LOI Submission Deadline: Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 3PM Eastern Time (no extensions will be granted)

Application Invitation: Late May, 2018 (TENTATIVE)

Application Submission: Early August, 2018 (TENTATIVE)

Notice of Decision: Late September, 2018 (TENTATIVE)

Performance Period Start: October 1, 2018

Submission, Review and Approval Pipeline

  1. Interested applicants must register online to obtain portal link, username/password and complete information about Letter of Intent requirements.
    Click here to register.
  2. LOIs are submitted online.
  3. LOIs are reviewed by amfAR staff to ensure that (a) eligibility requirements are met; (b) proposed research is responsive to the RFP and in line with amfAR objectives.
    LOIs that meet those criteria proceed to peer review.
  4. LOIs are reviewed by leading HIV experts and scored on the following criteria:
    • Expected impact on HIV cure clinical research
    • Appropriateness of the proposed work with respect to available funds
    • Competency and track record of members of the team
  5. Applicants with the highest scoring LOIs are invited to submit full applications. Full applications are reviewed by members of amfAR’s scientific advisory committee and discussed during an in-person meeting to assess the merit of each application with respect to:
    • Expected impact on HIV cure clinical research
    • Innovation and novelty in the proposed work
    • Competency and track record of members of the team
    • Possible scientific or budgetary overlap
  6. Successful applications, chosen based on review scores, comments and amfAR priorities are recommended to amfAR’s Board of Trustees for approval.
  7. The board of trustees has sole authority to approve grant funding.
  8. Grant agreements must be fully executed within 60 days following the notice of grant award.
  9. Documentation of all necessary institutional (e.g., IRB, IBC) and regulatory (e.g., FDA or foreign equivalent) approvals must be submitted within three months following the notice of grant award.