John Schneider, Director of the Developmental Core, and the full CFAR leadership, congratulate the outstanding teams selected for the 2017 Community Collaborative Awards. Annually, grants up to $10,000 are awarded to support exploratory research within community-academic partnerships. Working as Co-Principal Investigators, leaders from an academic institution and a community organization develop innovative ideas that lay the groundwork for future NIH funded research between the institutions. For more information, please visit our Community Collaborative Board page.


Development of a Centralized Repository of HIV Testing and PrEP Data

Howard Brown Health | University of Chicago


Jessica Ridgway, MD, MS, University of Chicago

Laura Rusie, ScM,  Howard Brown Health 







Howard Brown Health (HBH) is the largest provider of PrEP care in Chicago and possesses rich data sources regarding HIV testing, partner services, HIV care, and PrEP for thousands of patients. However, there had not been a comprehensive repository of these data before the Community Collaborative Award from the Third Coast CFAR. These data exist in unlinked, disparate databases with varying structures, collection methods, and dictionaries. Using the CFAR award, Laura Rusie from HBH and Jessica Ridgway from the University of Chicago will develop an integrated data repository of HBH’s HIV/STI testing and care data, partner services data, PrEP prescription and visit data, and public data sets, including neighborhood crime rates and access to public transportation. Use of the full database of administrative, programmatic, and environmental data will ultimately allow HBH to provide modify existing linkage to PrEP models and to eventually compare the effectiveness of distinct approaches to engage and retain patients in PrEP care. The database will also be an invaluable resource for HBH and UC researchers to generate hypotheses for applications to NIH.


Examining Care Cascades to Understand and Improve HIV and Non-communicable Chronic Disease Comorbidity Management

AllianceChicago | Howard Brown Health | Northwestern University


Nivedita Mohanty, MD, AllianceChicago

Eric Christoff, MD, Howard Brown Health

David Sgarbossa, MA, LCSW,  Howard Brown Health

Lisa Hirschhorn, MD, MPH, Northwestern University







Findings show significant gaps in outcomes related to diabetes control and prevention of related complications in people living with HIV (PLWH). For PLWH to continue to benefit from advances in HIV treatment, they need to succeed not only in managing their HIV, but also co-morbidities. Little is known about the challenges and successes in PLWH and their providers in achieving the treatment goals of HIV and diabetes along these continuum(s). The collaborative team of researchers and clinicians from Howard Brown Health, AllianceChicago, and Northwestern University will examine data from electronic medical records to help answer key questions about diabetes care in PLWH. This community collaborative study will include a description of success rates along both the HIV and diabetes care continuum(s) and explore demographic factors associated with identified gaps. The results will be shared with HBH to reflect on identified gaps and successes in the context of their current models for HIV and diabetes care. The work will culminate in a stakeholders meeting to identify opportunities for future NIH grants to adapt evidence-based interventions to adapt and to improve HIV comorbidity management.