Babafemi O Taiwo, MBBS

The Third Coast CFAR congratulates Dr. Taiwo for his election to the Executive Committee of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG). Dr. Taiwo is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University and Director of the CFAR’s Clinical Sciences Core. Dr. Taiwo joined Northwestern’s faculty in 2007 and was appointed Chief of the Infectious Diseases Division in 2016.  His expertise in novel therapies and implementation of clinical research in resource-limited settings serves a critical function in the ACTG leadership. As chair of multiple ACTG protocols and committees, he has contributed to important advancements in HIV research and clinical care.

Established in 1987, the ACTG is the world’s largest network of clinical trials on HIV therapeutics. The group’s efforts have led to numerous scientific breakthroughs in treatment of HIV infection and co-morbidities.

Dr. Taiwo is also the Director for African Research in Northwestern’s Center for Global Health.  After receiving his MBBS from Nigeria’s University of Ibadan College of Medicine, he trained at the University of Massachusetts Berkshire Medical Center. Dr. Taiwo went on to complete subspecialty training in Infectious Diseases at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine before joining the faculty. He won the John Carey Young Investigator Award in 2009 in recognition of his contributions to research on HIV resistance and management of co-infections.