As the Third Coast CFAR is now in its second year, we are preparing systems to operate as a traditional university recharge core. The CFAR recharge core focuses on HIV specialty services for local faculty in all disciplines. Charging faculty for services is an expectation for NIH-funded Centers for AIDS Research and it allow us to expand our scope and capacity in the future. We will continue to offer core subsidy awards to support the development of new projects and applications to NIH.

Please take a few moments to complete the user survey below. Full descriptions of services that may be a part of the recharge center, estimated prices, and the survey itself can be found here:


Please reach out to a CFAR administrator with questions or feedback.


You are welcome and encouraged to forward this survey to colleagues who may be interested in CFAR services.


Thank you for your support,



Rich D’Aquila, Director

Brian Mustanski, Co-Director

Third Coast Center for AIDS Research