The TRNAMH program is supported by the NIMH Research Education Mentoring Program for HIV/AIDS Researchers NIH/NIMH Grant #R25MH080661 at Johns Hopkins University.

1. Didactic Component: The web-based didactic portion is a 16-week course held live every Tuesday from 2:30pm-4pm EST from August 30th, 2016 – December 13th, 2016. Students anywhere in or out of the continental USA can actively engage in discussions with the instructors.

2. Pilot Award Component: Trainees who have taken the didactic course are eligible to apply for a one-year pilot grant in the amount of $20,000 awarded annually on a competitive basis. Stay tuned for upcoming award cycles.

3. Research Scholar Component: The program provides support to eligible trainees to pursue laboratory based or clinical research experiences for a duration of up to 3 months. The goal is for those trainees to generate preliminary data for grant applications focused on NeuroAIDS.

NIMH funding for the didactic course supports the training of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty of defined racial and ethnic minority groups. Individuals who are not members of minority groups but are engaged in diversity related research are also eligible.

2016 Fall Registration Deadline is August 23, 2016: Course (ME: 200.701, 1.5 credits)

Begins August 30, 2016

For more information about the course, please contact Heather Thomas at