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CHAMP is a quick and easy way for Chicago community members to connect to paid studies on HIV prevention programs and health services. Sign up today!

Here’s How it Works

  • If you are 16 or older, fill out a short survey
  • Tell us the best way to keep in touch with you
  • Researchers will contact you to see if you want to join their studies

Recent Projects include:
  • Studies with free HIV tests
  • Questionnaires on how people feel about PrEP and access to it
  • How people in the community talk to their partners about HIV status
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Who can join?

People who are:

  • Ages 16 and up
  • HIV negative or living with HIV
  • Living in the Chicagoland area

Why should I join?

You will:

  • Give back to your community
  • Support HIV research
  • Get connected to important health services


If you have questions about CHAMP, you can email us at

Where can I get a free HIV test?
Local resources for HIV prevention and treatment