The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a new Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), “Understanding Infant Feeding Preferences, Practices, and Outcomes for Mothers and other Parents with HIV in the US.” This NOFO (RFA-PS-24-040) is aligned with the HIV National Strategic Plan (2022-2025) and the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the US (EHE) federal initiative’s “Prevent” and “Treat” Pillars. The Third Coast Center for AIDS Research supports the EHE initiative through its Developmental Core and EHE Scientific Working Group.

The purpose of this NOFO is to support a study to understand the infant feeding preferences, practices, and outcomes for people with HIV in the United States. Improvements in HIV antiretroviral therapy have led to reductions in perinatal HIV transmission, opening the door to shared decision making by pregnant people with HIV and their medical providers regarding breastfeeding of infants; however, clinical, behavioral, and social factors associated with infant feeding practices in this population remain poorly understood and require further elucidation. There is also an interest in understanding health outcomes of infants breastfed by people with HIV, and in interventions both to support postpartum people with HIV to optimize their health and to optimize care for breastfed infants. 

Key grant dates:

  • Letter of Intent Due: 01/08/2024
  • Application Due: 02/08/2024
  • Estimated Start Date: 09/30/2024

Eligible applicants include county and state governments, private, public, and state institutions of higher education, and nonprofit organizations.

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