Inter-CFAR Implementation Science Resources

HIV Implementation Science Summit for EHE Supplement Projects

In September 2019, NIH announced the selection of 65 science-practice partnerships to prepare for more extensive implementation research proposals as part of Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America. Leaders of these projects gathered with federal officials and implementation science experts during a two-day meeting organized by the Third Coast CFAR in October 2019. The HIV Implementation Science Summit provided training in key implementation science concepts and methods, and examples of their application to HIV research. Recorded presentations are available as a resource to all investigators, practitioners, and policy makers interested in HIV implementation science.

Measuring Implementation Process and Milestones: the Stages of Implementation Completion
Lisa Saldana, PhD
Oregon Social Learning Center

ATN 146: An Implementation-Effectiveness Hybrid Trial
Sylvie Naar, PhD
Florida State University

Study Designs for Implementation and Hybrid Trials
C. Hendricks Brown, PhD
Northwestern University

Implementation Strategies
Byron Powell, PhD, LCSW
Washington University

NIH and other federal partners are providing additional support to the 65 EHE supplement projects through the Implementation Science Coordination, Consultation, and Collaboration Initiative (ISC3I), an administrative supplement to the Third Coast CFAR (P30 AI117943). Members of supplemental project teams log in to the ISC3I website to access information and services specific to their projects. Presentations and other materials with broad applicability are available via the Inter-CFAR Implementation Science Working Group.