Adolescents make up a major part of the HIV epidemic. The World Health Organization reports that half of all new infections occur in young people aged 15-24. Because of their limited life experience and evolving autonomy, adolescents are a vulnerable group and their enrollment in clinical trials is sensitive and complex.

The Youth Prevention Research Working Group of the Office of HIV/AIDS Network Coordination invites you to join us for the second of a two-part webinar series on ethics and privacy related to adolescent HIV research.

We will explore, with a U.S. focus, youth and parent perspectives on ethical and regulatory issues regarding participation in HIV prevention research. During this webinar, Drs. Celia Fisher and Brian Mustanski will present mixed-methods research on topics of adolescent research including waivers of parental permission, adolescent self-consent and refusal, understanding of consent, and post-trial services for youth.

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