Theodore C. Bailey MD, JD, MA
Director, Infectious Diseases
Lancaster Regional Medical Center
Research Associate
The Johns Hopkins University Berman Institute of Bioethics

HIV testing and HIV surveillance have, since the beginning of the epidemic, posed challenging ethical and legal issues of privacy, autonomy, stigma, discrimination, civil liberties, deliberative democracy, and above all, social justice.  Appropriately formulating and responding to these issues requires careful attention to the shifting and varied nature of contemporary HIV-related technologies, practices, institutions, legal contexts, and the global and local epidemiology of HIV/AIDS—with the caveat that part of this contemporary context is its own history.  This presentation investigates the ways in which ongoing changes in HIV testing and emerging forms of HIV surveillance pose critical variations or inflections of classic HIV ethical and legal issues, such that the governance of HIV testing and surveillance requires fresh, but always historically informed, thinking and responses.

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