Patrick Janulis, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Social Sciences, Feinberg School of Medicine
Quantitative Methodologist, Third Coast Center for AIDS Research
Institute for Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing
Northwestern University 


Patrick Janulis, Ph.D., (he/him) is an assistant professor in the Department of Medical Social Sciences and also serves as the quantitative methodologist for the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research. He received his doctorate in Ecological-Community Psychology from Michigan State University where he conducted research on the impact of substance use on HIV and hepatitis C virus risk behavior. More generally, his research examines the intersection of HIV, drug use, and LGBTQ health. His early work focused on using latent variable modeling to improve the measurement of HIV risk behavior and understanding within-person variation in risk behavior across different environments and social circumstances. More recently this work has shifted to leveraging modern data science approaches to measure, understand, and intervene on the root causes in the spread of HIV. Currently, he works on RADAR, a longitudinal cohort study of young men who have sex with men (YMSM) which includes longitudinal network data collection in effort to better understand how social, sexual, and drug use networks effect the health of YMSM. In addition, he serves as a Co-Investigator on the Network Canvas project which aims to develop a novel software suite for capturing social network and other complex data in effort to better understand the spread of HIV.