Satellite Session at IAS
July 22, 2019
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Mexico City

This session proposes to convene professionals in the public health response to HIV for a discussion about methodological directions and opportunities for implementation science.

  • How can research be most useful to policy makers?
  • What kind of designs offer necessary rigor while also flexible enough to maintain relevance?
  • How do we optimize external validity?

This symposium aims to address and answer such questions, and extend the roadmap for crossing the gap between efficacious interventions and real-world practice in HIV


Dr. Elvin Geng, University of California San Francisco (co-chair)
Dr. Stefan Baral, Johns Hopkins University (co-chair)

Dr. Lisa Hirschhorn, Northwestern University
Dr. Kenneth Sherr, University of Washington
Dr. Richard Lester, University of British Columbia
Dr. Jennifer Stewart, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Maggie Czarnogoski, ViiV Healthcare
Dr. Manya Magnus, George Washington University
Dr. Serge Billong, University of Yaoundé