George J. Greene, Ph.D., (he/him) is the associate director of the Evaluation, Data Integration, and Technical Assistance Program (EDIT) and faculty in the Department of Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University. Dr. Greene’s research interests focus on health disparities in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) adolescents and young adults, with a particular emphasis on ethnic/racial disparities in the HIV epidemic. His research aims to: (a) understand HIV risk and protective factors from intersectionality and developmental-ecological perspectives; (b) employ community-based participatory research approaches to build upon the needs and strengths of communities to identify and develop effective interventions; (c) design technology- and Internet-based approaches for observation and intervention; (d) adopt theoretically-driven program evaluation approaches to appropriately evaluate HIV prevention research and service efforts; and (e) apply qualitative and mixed methods approaches to research and program evaluation efforts