All that AIDS Erased: A Conversation with Sarah Schulman and Michael O’Loughlin

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Basic Science Collaborative Innovation Awards

To build on the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research symposium, Breakthroughs in HIV Research, on October 22, 2021, the Developmental Core calls for applications for a new funding mechanism. Collaborative Innovation Awards will support the work of teams of two or more collaborators pursuing new research questions in HIV/host biology.  The symposium will highlight [...]

Call for Abstracts – Poster Presentations

The Third Coast Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Viral Pathogenesis Core will host its inaugural symposium Breakthroughs in HIV Research on October 22, 2021. Talks by junior and established investigators describing their novel findings in HIV/host biology will be followed by a reception and poster session showcasing the work of up-and-coming trainees. Abstract Guidelines Abstracts [...]

Howard Brown Health Shares Results from EHE Planning Project on Bi+ Health

Howard Brown Health (HBH) has released the findings from the Bi+ Health research regarding the care that Bi+ patience receive. This work was led by Laura Rusie and Lauren Beach for the Project Bi+Health–Invisible and Underserved Improving the Health System’s Surveillance of HIV-Related Health Outcomes of Bisexual Patient Populations to End the HIV Epidemic in [...]

Dr. Danijela Maric Selected for NHLBI HIV-related Comorbidities K12 Scholar Award

Danijela Maric, PhDResearch Assistant ProfessorCell and Developmental BiologyNorthwestern University The Third Coast HIV-related Cardiovascular and Sleep Disorders Career Development Program is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Danijela Maric as a new TC-CS K12 scholar. Dr. Maric is a research assistant professor in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of [...]

AFC Recruiting Participants for Proyecto ¡2.0!

AFC is partnering with researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin to study the influence of actual and perceived immigration laws on US Latino immigrants’ willingness to seek and utilize important community health services. You may view the flyer here. You may view the informational letter here.

IJERPH Announces Special Issue on the Global Economic Burden of HIV: Submissions Due August 31

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health announces a special issue on the global economic burden of the HIV pandemic. The guest editors invite papers that discuss the global economic burden of PLHIV in any setting. Papers that discuss collaborations with researchers, patient advocates, and public health practitioners that have implemented and analyzed [...]

Dr. Steven Thrasher Pens NYT Op-Ed on the Emerging HIV Crisis in Rural America

On World AIDS Day, Dr. Steven Thrasher, Daniel H. Renberg Chair on Social Justice and LGBTQ Media Studies and assistant professor at Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, published an opinion piece, HIV Is Coming to Rural America, in the New York Times. Thrasher describes the social and structural factors that pose challenges to adoption [...]

Inter-CFAR Meetings in May 2020

The Inter-CFAR Faith and Spirituality Research Collaborative Meeting and the HIV in the South Working Group Meeting will be held on May 19 - 20, 2020 in Birmingham, Alabama.

NIH Selects Four Local CFAR Applicants to Lead EHE Supplement Projects

The Third Coast CFAR would like to congratulate the four local teams selected to lead Ending the HIV Epidemic Supplement Projects. These collaborations were developed in response to a funding opportunity open to NIAID-funded Centers for AIDS Research (CFARs) and NIMH-funded AIDS Research Centers (ARCs). They include key practitioners, faculty, stakeholders, and evaluators from Howard [...]