The Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has begun a new study to evaluate whether treatment that personalizes the selection of smoking cessation medication plus treatment that focuses on medication adherence can optimize long-term quitting for individuals living with HIV.  

This study is led by Brian Hitsman, PhD, through the Department of Preventive Medicine, and Chad Achenbach, MD, MPH, a Third Coast CFAR co-investigator, through the Department of Medicine.   

Two new approaches and their combination are being studied:  

  • Tailoring the selection of smoking cessation medication (nicotine patch or varenicline/Chantix®) based on an individual’s rate of nicotine metabolism versus not tailoring medication (varenicline/Chantix® is automatically selected). 
  • Enhanced medication adherence counseling that is based on managed problem-solving versus standard adherence counseling.   

All participants in this study will receive standard-of-care smoking cessation medication (nicotine patch or varenicline/Chantix®) and five behavioral counseling sessions by telephone. All treatment (medication and counseling) is offered free of charge.  

To be eligible, patients must be:  

  1. 18 years of age or older 
  1. Daily smokers who want to quit smoking 
  1. HIV-positive on antiretroviral therapy with current HIV viral load <1000 copies/mL 

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