Administrative Core


Steering Committee
Richard T. D’Aquila, M.D., Northwestern University, CFAR Director
Brian Mustanski, Ph.D., Northwestern University, CFAR Co-Director
John Schneider, M.D., M.P.H., The University of Chicago, Developmental Core Director

Directors Committee
Steering committee members, as well as:
Babafemi O. Taiwo, M.B.B.S., Northwestern University, Clinical Sciences Core Director
David Pitrak, M.D., The University of Chicago, Clinical Sciences Core Co-Director
Ellen Gould Chadwick, M.D., Northwestern University, Clinical Sciences Core Co-Director
Judith T. Moskowitz, Ph.D., M.P.H., Northwestern University, BSIS Core Director
Alida Bouris, Ph.D., M.S.W., The University of Chicago, BSIS Core Co-Director
Thomas J. Hope, Ph.D., Northwestern University, Viral Pathogenesis Core Director
Dexter R. Voisin, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., The University of Chicago, END HIV Scientific Working Group Co-Director
Nanette Benbow, M.A.S., END HIV Scientific Working Group Director

Executive Committee
Steven Wolinsky, M.D., Northwestern University
Celeste Watkins-Hayes, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Ram Yogev, M.D., Northwestern University
David Kern, Chicago Department of Public Health
John Peller, M.P.P., AIDS Foundation of Chicago
Harold Pollack, Ph.D., The University of Chicago
Timothy Long, M.D., Alliance of Chicago Community Health Services

Community Collaboration Board
Modesto Valle, Center on Halsted, CCB Co-Chair

David Ernesto Muñar, Howard Brown Health, CCB Co-Chair


Internal Advisory Board
Rex L. Chisholm, Ph.D., Northwestern University
T. Conrad Gilliam, Ph.D., The University of Chicago
Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, M.D., Sc.M., Northwestern University
Julian Solway, M.D., The University of Chicago
Douglas E. Vaughan, M.D., Northwestern University
Everett Vokes, M.D., The University of Chicago
Rowland W. Chang, M.D., M.P.H., Northwestern University
Bernard Roizman, Sc.D., The University of Chicago
P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Ph.D., Northwestern University
David Cella, Ph.D., Northwestern University

Scientific Agenda

The Administrative Core of the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research provides coordinating leadership, management, communication, and networking for all HIV/AIDS research across Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, as well as collaborating effectively with the Chicago Department of Public Health and our other community partners.

Services and Resources

Research Navigation

Research Navigation is provided by the Administrative Core team, in order to link Third Coast CFAR members to specialized research design and implementation services. This will efficiently guide users to the optimal resources for their individual discipline and method-specific need. Navigation involves teamwork of our administrators with the Scientific Cores to direct members to services across Third Coast CFAR institutions.

Research Seminars and Symposia

In collaboration with the other cores, the Administrative Core holds two seminars each month to highlight state-of-the-art research occurring throughout Third Coast CFAR institutions or anywhere in the world, as well as to feature presentations designed to increase cross-disciplinary brainstorming and collaboration. Visit the Events page to for more information on the seminars (HIV Research Updates and Lunch and Learns) and the annual Third Coast CFAR symposium.

Meet Your Researcher Forums

Meet Your Researcher Forums are community engagement initiatives aimed at persons living with HIV and as well as at-risk and affected individuals, taking place at community partners’ venues. They are co-moderated by a CFAR investigator and a community member who has participated in an HIV study to provide information about common concerns about research participation, as well as its benefits. The Clinical Sciences and Behavioral, Social, and Implementation Sciences Cores partner with the Administrative Core to present these. Read more on the Events page.

END HIV Scientific Working Group

The END HIV Scientific Working Group is designed to incubate new collaborations among biomedical and behavioral/social science researchers leading to NIH submissions, and to enhance community participation in those projects. The focus is on HIV research among young MSM, including on such topics as HIV prevention, linkage to care/retention, and translational research involving recently-infected subjects. END HIV organizes three Lunch & Learn Sessions per year.

Innovation Program

The goal of the Innovation Program is to educate CFAR members, enhance scientific synergy among different disciplines, and catalyze collaborations seeking new funded research linking clinical and bioengineering science with new product innovation and implementation. In turn, this will initiate better integration of new vaccine, device or behavioral intervention development with clinical issues relevant to successful introduction/uptake in both global and domestic settings. The Innovation Program will hold six trainings, research seminars, and other events each year. Robert L. Murphy, M.D., Northwestern University, directs the Program, in teamwork with the Administrative Core Director.


Every two years the Administrative Core organizes a mentor training workshop for faculty, and the core also supports mock reviews of grant proposals through the Developmental Core.